Charity & the Community

As a charity, BinjaiTree provides grants and support in terms of funds, giving generally to a range of individual and organisations that are aligned with our mission.

However, a core belief of BinjaiTree is that money can be only a facet of the larger scope of giving meaningfully to the community. As such, we see ourselves as granters who are the strategic partners contributing in other ways as well alongside our grantee.

This means we often take the "macro" view and proactively help identify those areas where contribution and effort may be needed but where attention may not yet have been focused. Given our various strengths and capabilities within Binjai tree, we draw on our experience, capabilities and networks to support our grantees.

We believe strongly in far-sighted and object appraisals, strategic alliances and the collective pooling of resources. Our role is to actively afford our various grantees these benefits so that they may further their aims and achieve the largest good in turn for all their beneficiaries.