Mental Health

“Dealing with mental health requires a great deal of support. So we take the initiative and use the corporate experience and discipline to try to bring capabilities and solutions for society.”

Mental health in Singapore is a key area of concern as poor mental health not only impacts adversely the life of the individual, but also the lives of his family, the community around him and ultimately the general and economic well-being of society. Statistics indicate that approximately 16% of Singaporeans have experienced some form of mental health issues and this number is expected to increase.

BinjaiTree has identified that a great deal needs to be done to increase public awareness, enlarge the capacity of community rehabilitation prgrammes, train more professionals and better equip the community of caregivers. As such, BinjaiTree has been actively involved in this area, collaborating with the National Council of Social Service and the Singapore Anglican Community Services to develop a robust working network.

BinjaiTree aims to reach out to groups doing their part in this sector, and plans to bring shared capabilities and resource to address the problem more effectively, with greater insight and cogency.

One significant need in this area requiring support is “care-giving for the care-giver”. We are exploring the best avenue to bring together resources and programmes to support, educate and assist those who are caring for the mentally ill.