Shared Services for Charities

“As we all know, charities are dominated by passionate people… The focus here is to help improve the standards of governance and capabilities in this sector”

Together with the Singapore Exchange, BinjaiTree initiated and co-sponsored another independently registered charity – Shared Services for Charities (SSC). BinjaiTree recognises and applauds the passion and dedication that is evident amongst many other charities and non-profit organisations in Singapore. However, similarly evident – and increasingly so in the wake of the spate of scandals in the charity sector -- is the real need for a more disciplined approach and greater accountability by these groups.

SSC offers a transparent platform to foster collaboration among charities committed to improving accountability and achieving organisational excellence. SSC acts as the facilitator and manager of pooled professional expertise and resources for these groups, ensuring consistency, objectivity and improved standards of governance. BinjaiTree believes this allows the charities to focus on their service delivery to their beneficiaries, maintaining in turn the goodwill of the community which sustains them.